Bubba Kush


Bubba Kush


Beautiful dark green hues are present throughout with purple tinges that accent the stout and dense leaves of the flower. Sprouting with rustic orange hairs, these nugs are frosty and covered in trichromes, or the small white hairs that cover the hemp leaves and stem.

A unique terpene profile makes for a very unique aroma with the ol’ Kush, earthy and deep with a hint of pinesol.

Bubba Kush has a wintergreen and sweet grass taste (vape for the best taste!).

It provides instant relief; it’s got all the good genetics of Bubba Kush with the added benefit of cannabidiol. After consuming it, you’re hit with a nice wave of mellow energy that’s balanced between body and mind. Pain and anxiety fade to the background. Going for a walk sounds good, but taking a nap does too.

This flower has a very interesting cannabinoid profile and resulting medicinal effect, this CBD-enhanced version of Bubba Kush contains not only CBD but CBC and CBGA too!

Cannabinoid Profile
CBC .04%
CBD .46%
CBDA 14.45%
CBGA .30%
D9-THC .06%
THCA .58%

Total Measured Cannabinoids 15.88%

Top 3 Terpenes
β-Caryophyllene, β-Myrcene, δ-Limonene

Terpene Profile
beta-Caryophyllene .38%
beta-Myrcene .14%
d-Limonene .14%
alpha-Humulene .10%
Linalool .05%
trans-Nerolidol .05%

Total Measured Terpenes .96%

No pesticides detected. We test all of our flower to make sure what you’re consuming is pure and safe. Check out the attached safety pesticide lab reports.

Product Size & Info
Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower is available in 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams and 1 ounce weight increments. It’s tested at 14.45% CBDA and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Grown in the USA.

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