Welcome to Detroit’s Most Trusted Delivery Service

DELIVERED is a medical marijuana delivery service dedicated to sourcing all your favorite products from the places offering it at the best quality and price. We have networked with dispensaries around the area to get customers the best possible deals.


This is really a thing? Oh yes. Home delivery is how Hollywood’s elite have been receiving their medical marijuana for years. Famous actors, CEOs, movie producers and other high-profile people can not and will not go into a dispensary. Why should you be forced to? PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY. DELIVERED makes fast, safe, discreet, legal marijuana delivery available to everyone.

Delivery has never been easier.

The owners of DELIVERED take great pride in the service and work very hard to elevate the quality of businesses in the cannabis space. DELIVERED supports the closing of any illegal or shady “pot shops”. DELIVERED is here to serve the community, not denigrate it. Please be safe, consume responsibly and support the organizations and elected officials who continue to fight for your rights.